Intro to Wyld

Wyld Hair, located in Atlanta, GA, is men’s beard care product. The beard oil is all-natural, small batch and hand-crafted. Wyld Hair releases new scents for each season. The Spring release is Renegade. Wyld Hair sells 2oz. for $24 - challenging the market to lower it's prices, yet retaining high quality oils. 


What is Wyld?


People ask me what being Wyld at Heart means or why I chose Wyld Hair as a name.  Being Wyld is about bravely challenging yourself, about being bold with what you want to do and who you are, and most importantly being Wyld is about living life the way you see it not the way you are told to live!


About the Product:


Renegade’s organic mix of carrier oils deliver long-lasting softness that penetrates the beard quickly without leaving a greasy residue.  Awaken your senses with mood and energy boosting citrus essential oils and the calm focus of lavender.

wyld hair beard oil renegade


About the Owner: 


I started growing a beard occasionally during No Shave November when my Step-Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He beat it, and I wanted to be able to help drive awareness for Men's Health in the corporate world, where I spent most of my time. There wasn't anyone in my company with a beard, I had never grown a beard, and had no idea what was going to come out. Well, No Shave November turned into Brandon "The Beard." I struggled with keeping my beard soft and itch-free so I started making my own beard care products and the rest slowly fell into place. Now, after 3 years of making my own beard oil, I am grateful to bottle and share it with the rest of the bearded community! - Owner, Wyld Hair Beard Oil